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Sunny Style is a portable hot solar shower for water heating, an ideal solution for camping, the pool, the garden or the beach.

This portable hot solar shower is ideal to have always warm water at hand, wherever you are. Practical and light to carry, Sunny Style can be placed in the garden, by the pool, or brought to the beach. Since it uses solar energy, it allows water heating at no cost, so that you may have free warm water always available. Once connected to the water network, it warms up the water at 60° in about two hours. This way, by mixing cold and warm water, the portable hot shower Sunny Style allows for 60 liters at 30°, giving you the possibility to take multiple hot showers troughout the day at a pleasant temperature. If you wait a few minutes between each shower, you may have virtually countless hot showers troughout the day.

Perfect for the beach, for camping, for the pool or for the garden, Sunny Style hot portable shower is suitable for all sorts of outdoors. Its compact and smart design makes it easy to carry and simple to use. Highly practical, its larger base maximizes solar energy intake to be as thermally efficient as it gets all day long. Ecological and economical, Sunny Style is also friend of the environment, as it does not burn fossil fuel nor it employs electric energy. A pressure regulator makes the consumption steady and the shower safe.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Model: Sunny Style
  • Fitted with a mixer to combine warm and cold water to have always a pleasant temperature
  • Larger base for increased stability and safety
  • Height: 200 cm
  • Inlet pressure regulator with safety valve
  • Patented product

Scope of Delivery:

  • Adjustable showerhead
  • Kit Plug&Play with 3/4" tap socket
  • 2 fast installation SOFT TOUCH junctions
  • 10 meters of Ftalati free hose for water connection


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