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Galaxy Egg, the latest professional massaging automated chair, is an highly advanced product, combining state of the art technology with all the relevant knowledge from traditional oriental medicine. 

Years of research in this field has brought for us the chance to enjoy a high quality professional massage just by resting on this amazing chair. Designed and engineered in the smallest of detail, it is fitted with all the technology applied to comfort that you can dream of. Negative oxygen ions are released next to your head to cleanse the air and improve you immune system. The massage is carried out thoroughly, employning a highly complex system that is derived from traditional oriental massage. 12 major focus pressure points are identified, and on them a more structured approach is built. Covering the whole of our body, from head to toes, this 12 pressure points constitute the main steps of the massage program, including arms and the plants of our feet.

The technological wonders behind this chair are definitely not over. Advanced systems of positioning and balance let you choose your favourite position and elevation angle, but all maneuvring is carefully designed not to need more than a few centimeters more than the actual size of the chair. You need just a few cm to go horizontal, or to go zero gravity, a mode that enables you to just float, spreading the weight of your body in the best possible way to maximize the relax from the massage

The ergonomical curve of the back isn't just curved, but it actually form an LS shape that perfectly fit with your back, allowing the vibration to evenly but gradually spread all over  your body. Arm massage is completed with air pressure along with the vibrations, coherently with the teachings of traditional oriental massage related to this focal points. Moreover you will find heaters in place just rght under strategic points, that will warm up and  and ease your muscles via infrared, a kind of hat that is picked up by our body, contributing to a good metabolism and good functioning of the cells. 

Massaging "hands" are programmed for moving along a path formed by our key focal pressure poiints in a calculated and well defined way, which by the way has nothing to learn from a true masseur. The mapping of the pressure points has been undoubtedly made thoroughly. Nevertheless, the massage is customizable at will, in accordance to our individual needs. 28 airbags, 9 valves and 1 airpump will definitely allow for customization, bet there are though 6 automatic programs you can choose from the beginning:


Relax: for the evening, not too long, to wash away the day's fatigue.

Full: a total 15 minute program, passing all your key focal pressure points. 

Neck and Shoulder: comfortable and recommended to those suffering from migraine or neck pain.

Ache Relieve: to soften muscles, relieving pain and stiffness, inspired to the Gua Sha traditional oriental method.

Back and Waist: perfect for the  health of the lower limbs

Comfortable: thought for older people, total but sweet and delicate. 


3D speakers, Bluetooth accessibility, complete customizability, and many other highly advanced technology complete this amazing product. So much skills and knowledge applied to comfort is an opportunity like no other to have always a professional massaging hand at our fingertips.


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