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Highly powerful and innovative solar streetlight with built in panel, designed to light up streets, roundabouts and parking lots at no cost, fitted with motion and dusk-til-dawn sensors.

Our Atlas is a LED solar streetlight with a 18W built in solar panel and a 2K Lumens luminous flux. A perfect solution for anyone who desires to light up streets, parking lots, squares and exteriors without spending money for electricity. Fitted with an internal Li-Ion battery, directly connected to the solar panel so that it always have the optimal charge. With just 10 hours of exposition to sunlight, this solar LED streelight will keep illuminating for more than 7 nights straight. This way, even if you happen to miss the proper sunny weather for a few days, the Atlas solar streetlight will still function properly. 

Easy to install on any pole with its practical design, it doesn't need no cables or wirings and it can be used to light up with its 2K Lumens even those areas that have no access to electricity. 

Functioning of this solar LED streetlight:
Mode 1: Medium intensity until dawn, maximum intensity when a nearby motion is detected
Mode 2: Maximum intensity for the first 5 hours, then medium intensity until dawn. Maximum intensity when a nearby motion is detected
Mode 3: 1400 Lumens straight till dawn

Technical Characteristics:

  • Brightness: 20W 6500K - 2000 Lumens
  • Materials: aluminium alloy, tempered glass
  • Solar Panel: 18W
  • Installation Height: 2-3 m
  • Motion detector
  • Dask-til-dawn detector
  • Li-Ion battery: 40AH 3.7V
  • Class of Protection: IP65
  • Solar Charging Time: 10 hours by bright sunlight
  • Lighting Time: 7+ nights
  • Size: 678 x 303 x 84mm
  • Led: 20


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