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This LED streetlight with built in solar panel, motion and dusk-til-dawn detectors is perfect to light up streets, gardens and parking lots with no charge on the electric bill or need for wiring.

This Goldrake is a LED solar streetlight with a 43.2W built in solar panel, a trully innovative and performing product that will illuminate gardens, streets and parking lots with its 5K Lumens with no need for outlets nor wiring. It won't affect your electric bill either. Fitted with motion and dusk-til-dawn detectors, this solar streetlight is smart and it will operate accordingly to its surroundings to save energy. Indeed, the battery may last 7 or more nights without being charged, so it may well keep functioning even when the weather turns bad for a few days.

Easy to mount on any staff with a diameter of at least 60mm, this Goldrake streetlight is a high quality product with its case in aluminium that makes it waterproof and reistant to weather and wear.

Functioning of the Goldrake Solar Streetlight:

Mode 1: Medium intensity until dawn, maximum intensity when nearby motion is detected.
Mode 2: Maximum intensity for the first 5 hours, then medium intensity until dawn and maximum intensity when a nearby motion is detected.
Mode 3: 3500 Lumens straight until dawn.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Materials: aluminium, tempered glass
  • Li-Ion Battery: 90AH 3.7V
  • Solar Panel: 43.2W
  • Installaton Height: 4-6 m
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Solar Charging Time: 9 hours by bright sunlight
  • Lighting time: 7+ nights
  • Size: 1326x303x84mm

Please note that the pole is not included. You need a pole with a diameter of at least 60mm to mount the solar light.


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