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Solar street light with 40 powerful LEDs for 3000 lumens of luminous flux, designed with remote control and SmartLight Chip for intelligent lighting management, perfect for illuminating remote areas without access to electricity.

Functioning of Solar Street LED Lamp:

Mode 1: Constant luminous flux troughout the night antil dawn with gradual decreasing.

Mode 2: Mid intensity until dawn, maximum intensity when movement is detected.

Mode 3: Setting the timer to program the time of lighting using the included remote control.

Technical Characteristics of the Optimus 3K Lumens Street Light:

  • Constant lighting with lighting management depending on the external light conditions (100% / 60% / 30% / 10%)
  • Dimmer with motion detector to optimize battery life
  • Timer lighting mode
  • Adaptive Lighting System for managing night-time lighting 
  • Variable Frequency Technology to control and adjust the frequency of the LED driver to reach the maximum possible LED output
  • BatteryTCS (Temperature Control System) to protect the battery charge
  • Led 3000 Lumens 
  • 40 Leds 6500K
  • Lithium Battery 115.4WH 14.8V
  • Solar Panel 15W 18V
  • Suggested height for positioning: 4 Meters
  • IP65 certificate
  • Charging Time 9 Hours of Solar Light
  • Battery life 72 hours at a 100% charge
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum and tempered glass
  • Dimensions 808x227x164 mm
  • Warranty: 3 Years


With a full charge the battery can support 72 hours of lighting

Attention: the pole is not included in the price. The diameter of the pole required to secure the lampshade is 60mm.


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